Review: Kiboko camera bag from

I have been looking for a new, bigger camera bag for sometime when heard an interview with Andy Biggs on the TWIP Podcast #126 which aroused my interest … a camera bag actually designed by a photographer because he couldn’t find his ideal bag.  It is quite expensive at around US$ 400 so I pursued my wife to buy it for my birthday back in April.

Now that I have been using the Kiboko for a few months I thought that I would share my views with you.  To start with the bag is incredibly light (when empty) weighting a mere 4 pounds because it is made out the same material they use on the fastest sail boats in the world.  It’s design is nothing short of brilliant – it is size to maximise that amount of kit that you can carry on an airplane and the straps & belts can neatly be packed away so they don’t catch on the overhead storage bins.

The main compartment is spilt into two half with butterfly flap access system which easily allows you to get to all your kit which can be very extensive … at  the moment I can get my Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III, 6 lenses (EF 17-40, EF 24-104, EF 70-200, EF 100-400, EF 50, EF 180 macro), EF x2 convertor and Speedlite 580EX and there is still some room for more kit!

the only compromise that I can think has been made is that there is no room for a laptop – this is by design and I’m more that happy to carry a small separate laptop bag with me when I travel.

Great work Andy!