… welcome to Neil Cordell Photography

I am Neil Cordell, a London based photographer with a passsion and desire to create great images. Please browse the images in the various galleries and read my blog to find out what I have been up to photographically. If you like my work then you can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

In addition to my love of photography, I like to travel which is why a large number of my images are from the various trips that I have made. Whilst in London, I also take the opportunity to create images of this amazing city and various events that are held in the UK.

my latest trips

I have travelled with Steve Davey a number of times on his photo tours. In November 2013, I travelled with him to Jordan with a few days in Amman and before starting the tour. The tour started in Wadi Rum and Aqaba which are the desert and port on the Red Sea, respectively. Then, we travelled north to the famous ancient city of Petra which is craved into the sandstone mountains. Finally, we travelled north along the Kings Highway taking in Dana, Jerash and Madaba.

In April 2013, I returned to Morocco with him. The first tour that I participated in was to Morocco in 2009 and thanks to Steve my photography has improved a lot since then! Please look through my Morocco 2013 gallery and the orginal Morocco 2009 gallery.

Back in November 2012, I was travelling to Bangkok, Laos and Vietnam - the trip took in the vast contrast between the busy cities of Bangkok and Hanoi with the remote markets of Can Cau and Bac Ha. Please look through my Laos & Vietnam 2012 gallery.